Friday, September 4, 2009

When I look thru my junk mail inbox everyday...

It never fails, I'm a winner!, I'm going to recieve somebodys inheritance check, because they have no other living relatives and I was picked to recieve it!, I won the Pepsi Promotion a million times over, AND, someone wants to send me a check for $3 million dollars, just because my last name started with a H!
Seriously, do people really fall for this? I mean, for the past few years, hubby and I have been in some very tight financial situations, and we started selling our things on Ebay. We would get checks from people that were thousands of dollars over the selling price. We were supposed to cash the check, keep an extra $500, and send the rest back. Now, as tempting as that sounded, we would always bring the checks to our bank and have them verify everything. Of course, they were always fraudulent, but it amazed me at how good these people were at making checks look and seem real! Some had the watermarks, some of the "banks" kept telling us AND the bank workers it was fine to cash the checks! But then when we researched it a bit more, it always turned out fraudulent.
The last thing was, we recieved a check for $1500 from Kodak Company. NOw, my hubby had entered a few amatuer photography contests, and he had placed 3rd in one! So when we got this check, we both thought, "Wow, this is great for 3rd place!" Of course, I noticed that the mailing address on the Next Day FedEx envelope had no relation to Kodak, so I had to call.
It took 2 weeks, but we got the call, the check was not real, of course! This one had been the MOST realistic!
So, beware, of these people, and always call to verify, because YOU will be the one that pays in the end!


Tori said...

I've received 2 checks for $3300 to be a "secret shopper." I'm supposedly suppose to review the service of Walmart's Money grams by keeping $$ for me and sending the rest back. The checks were both from companies that had nothing to do with anything at all. Totally washed checks... It's sad to know there are people that will cash them. :(

Kristy said...

Yep, and it's so hard to track where and who they are really coming from!
It really is sad, because like I said, we were in really bad times, and I was so tempted to just take the check to the currency exchange, but I'd rather suffer with no money at home, then suffer in jail for someone elses game!
I really hope someone finds a way to get these people to stop!

newmami_rgv said...

Yup! I got scammed many years ago. I was going to be a tutor for a elementary boy and they sent me money to get the stuff I needed. It was only for a couple hundred dollars. I cashed it! It got bounced and I had to pay the fee. My bank helped me out and waived it for me.