Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too much Fannie May and Girl Scout cookies in my house!

This weekend was GS Cookie pickup, so I now has over 12 cases of cookies sitting with me, I really need to get it together and get them to their owners! Funny that the whole time I was CRAVING the Tag Alongs I ordered, and once they were in my hands, I only ate 2 and didn't want them anymore..... let's see how long they last!
And then there was Valentines Day! My awesome Mom sent us a big box of Fannie May, and each of the kids got their own box! When they arrived, my Mom told me that there was a backorder and that they'd be sending out the rest of the order Monday. Well, guess what? I opened the box yesterday to find the ENTIRE order sent again! My Mom calls them and they said not to worry about it, there was a mix up on their part and to keep the extra candy : ) Now I love me some Fannie May Pixies, Trinidads, hell, I love it all, but I now have a box Hubby bought me, and the 5 boxes they sent in the past few days!!! OMG, so much for keeping off the weight I've lost!!!! I'm actually hoping the dog gets to it, lol!

Oh yea, I've got an awesome giveaway coming up from Milson Road coming up, be on the lookout! It's one you don't want to miss, their Daily Portaits are AMAZING, and you have a chance to win your own!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

70 Cake Pops? I must be crazy!!!

"No problem, I can make Cake Pops for all 3 classes, it should be fine!" Thats what I wrote to the Classroom party Mom yesterday when the email came out for the Valentines Day party..I had been planning on doing cupcakes, no big deal, we always make cupcakes! But then I had been reading about Cake Pops and just in the past few days had seen so many that I decided I wanted to give it a try.... I hope that wasn't a BIG mistake!
So this weekend is Cake Pop weekend! If any of you have any tips or ideas, please leave me some comments! This is the first time for making them so I'm all ears!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

And the Winner is......

The winner of the $50 EdenFantasys Giftcode is.... Nicole-Lynn!!!!

An email has been sent, thanks for entering and hope to see you all soon for more great giveaways!!!

2 Snow days and a 1/2 day of school today, lucky kiddies!

This outrageous snowfall came with 1 good thing attached to it, 2 snow days for the kids which meant 2 days to recover from the nasty sickness I've got! As much as I dreaded the snow, it was really nice not having to wake up early to get them off to school while feeling so miserable! You don't know how much I was hoping for the district to just call off today too, since it's a 1/2 day, but no luck!

And of course, the downside to the 2 days off is that now my house is a disaster, there are snowpants, snowboots, gloves, hats, you name it, all over the place! But I guess thats ok seeing that my daughter had a blast, first time sledding all year, and big brother was being SUPER nice and took her with him and his friend, for almost the entire afternoon! It's a wonderful thing, living on a slope where they could just pile the snow up a bit and have a great hill to go down! Hopefully I can get some pics this afternoon, because I didn't want to go near the door the past few days, SOOOOO COLD!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How many times can 1 person jinx themselves?!?

So last week, I thought to myself, Wow, it's almost February, and we haven't really had any "bad" snowfalls! Living in Illinois, usually by now we've had at least 1-2 snow days, and this year we haven't had any.
Today, I wake up to find that we are headed into a nasty blizzard in the next couple of days, are you kidding??!!! So, I put some gas in the car just for the heck of it, mabye because I really felt like waiting along with 30 other people that wanted to fill up, like being in a blizzard I'm really going to drive anywhere??!
And of course, Mother Hubbards cupboards were bare so I needed to run to the grocery store, but there was NO way I was going while everyone else was "preparing" for the Great Blizzard of 2011!! I went right before midnight, when I walked in there was only a few people in the store. When I went to check out... there was about 15 people waiting in the 1 aisle open, come ON!
Oh and I cannot forget that last week, I also said to myself, Wow, I've gone a LONG time without being really sick, like Flu sick, or Strep throat sick! I woke up Sunday morning, and could NOT get out of bed, my whole body ached, I was coughing up a lung, and had the chills like crazy! Hubby comes home with the same thing, but of course, since I am SUPER MOM, it doesn't matter that I am also sick! Woke up this morning to get the kids off to school, came home went back to bed, and right before I had to pick them up again, "poor" Hubby was like, Oh I haven't eaten all day, and I can't get upstairs my body is aching so bad", could I make him something? Sure buddy, because I just feel like sunshine and roses and I'd LOVE to make you lunch! I threw together some tuna on bread and told him if he didn't like it, he could climb up the stairs and make himself something better! Ok, so I'm really not this mean, but I'm sick, I'm hurting, and I know that I just have to deal, because honestly, whenever I am sick with my migraines, Hubby does take really good care of me : )
So for the first time ever, I am praying there's a snow day tomorrow, because feeling the way I feel still, I DO NOT want to get up at 7am again to get the kids off to school! I want to sleep in and relax, although, with our school district, they'll keep them going until it hits the 12 inch mark!
Heres hoping you're all staying warm and cozy while the Blizzard comes thru!!!