Friday, February 19, 2010

Nicole By OPI Giveaway at Fairy Blogmother!

I love getting my nails done, but I don't always have the money to have them done. So, I do them myself, and I've got TONS of nail polish!
I've always been a fan of OPI nail polish, the colors are great ( and I LOVE the names!), it lasts long and it's priced pretty well. My favorites are Lucky Lucky Lavender, Birthday Babe, and Italian Love Affair! Plus, with as many colors as OPI has to choose from, you're bound to find at least ONE you like!

Here's a chance to win a set of Nic's Sticks from OPI, over at Fairy Blogmother! I'm hoping I win, because these seem awesome! And, they'd also make a nice Easter basket gift for any teenage girl!
Good luck and get your entries in, contest ends Feb.20th!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loving the Valentines Clearance- Double duty for the goodies!

Of course, by now, you probably know I LOVE the Clearance section of a store, and I really love the Holiday clearances! But, the Valentines clearance is especially fun for me because I go on a hunt, a hunt to find treats and trinkets for my kids Birthday party goody bags! I used to be all about the little junk, and I'd pack in as much as I possibly could into the bags. That was until my son started bringing home bags like that from the parties HE would go to. Of all the junk, we would probably keep 1 or 2 things, and I would junk the rest when he wasn't looking!
So, a few years ago I was hunting thru the Target valentine clearance and I found some 18 packs of sports pencils and erasers, some tattoos, and little boxes of crayons. I put them together with an activity book and WaaLaaa, a goody bag worth keeping! And it didn't cost me 1/2 as much as what I had put together before!
This year, my daughter is in between a Princess party and a Gymnastics party, but I'm pretty sure she'll end up with the Princess party. I picked up Heart shaped bubble necklaces for $.25 each, Lips and Heart pencils for $.08 each, Heart bracelet 16pk for $1, and a 20 pack of mini playdoh for $2! Now I know none of that is exactly "Princess", but 6-7 year old girls?! I don't think they'll mind! If only I could find the Disney activity pads Walgreens had, her bags would be done!
And for my son, he's turning 11, so we have to be a bit more "cool", so we're still working on his! I've got the pencils and tattoos again, and I'm thinking of getting some water bottles from the $1 store to throw all of the goodies inside!
I wish I could become a Kids Party Planner, I would have SO MUCH FUN!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bloggers Valentines Day Swap!

One of the best thing about blogging, is having the chance to participate in the fun Holiday swaps! Recently I participated in the Valentines Swap organized by the wonderul Shannon of The Mommy Files!
She has organized many swaps, all of which I had such a good time shopping for my partners, and really enjoying the gifts sent to me!
My partner, Alexis, from Running Away? I'll Help You Pack, was my partner is the Christmas swap, and I LOVE having her as a swap buddy! I've been following her blog since I started out, she is great! She finds the coolest presents for me, and I can only hope she likes her's as much as I'm enjoying mine!

I recieved Valentines mashmallows and cake mix (great for making dessert for Valentines day, otherwise I was going to Jello it up!), Chocolate covered pretzels that my hubby got into and devoured 1/2 of them!, Heart shaped ice cube trays that my daughter filled up as soon as she saw them, Heart shaped pancake/cookie cutters and heart shaped sandwich cutter ( I LOVE them!), Valentines socks, some really great smelling coffee for Vday morning.. to go along with our heart shaped pancakes!, and some Demeter Baby Powder perfume, smells SO, so good!
I cannot thank you enough, everything is wonderful, and I cannot wait to use everything on Valentines Day to make it even more special! Alexis, you are awesome and I'm so glad we got paired up again!
And thank you again to Shannon, you are wonderful for organizing these swaps that make the holidays even more fun!

Back from a MUCH needed break

I haven't blogged in awhile, the past month has been a bunch of up's and down's, more down's unfortunetly. Everyone in my family has gotten sick, passed it back and forth for weeks! I think this is the first day I can say we ALL feel ok, aside from my stomach pains of IBS, not fun at all!
But, I'm back and will slowly but surely be getting all of my reviews up, and I also have a few very cool giveaways coming up!