Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh how I love shopping for my little girl!

This year will be a year of weddings, I'm SO excited! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the actual weddings, or picking out dresses for my daughter to wear! Unfortunetly, she's not a Flower girl, we were hoping that because they are all family weddings, that at least one of them would have asked her, but I see it as it's there LOSS! She's sooo adorable, and seeing her dressed up in a Flower girl dress would of been awesome!
But, we can still put her in a pretty dress and she'll dance the night away looking like a little princess! Today I went to a few stores, not intentionally looking for dresses but since Communion dresses are starting to come out, I got to check out some pretty cute fancy schmancy ones!
What a surprise when I was looking at Burlington Coat Factory and found some gorgeous dresses that I was afraid to check the price tag.. until I saw that the dresses were only $30-$35! I mean, these dresses were BEAUTIFUL!! My Mom said we are most definetly getting her a sparkly poofy dress, because my little girl LOVES dressing like a pretty princess!

Tomorrow I'm going to check out JCPennys and Carsons, mabye they'll have a good sale going on! I'm sure I'll find a ton more once Easter gets closer!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't forget to enter the EdenFantasys Giveaway!!

EdenFantasys giveaway ends soon, so don't forget to get your entries in! This could make the perfect Valentines Day gift for you or your loved one, or both of you ; )
$50 EdenFantasys Giftcard Giveaway! Enter to win-

A Dieting Hubby and PMS craving are NOT good together!!

Hubs has just started dieting, I'm his biggest supporter on this, well, except when I'm PMSing....

Hubby's biggest problems were drinking too much pop, and eating too much Ice cream. I used to joke that he was worse than a pregnant woman, he'd call me while I was out and ask me to pick up a pint of Ben and Jerrys because he had such a taste for it. Of course, I'd buy it for him because I love him, but never really realized JUST how much he was eating! Then theres the pop, and you know, I'm pretty guilty of this one myself! I basically drink pop all day long, and it has to be the worse kind, Mountain Dew!! My teeth are NOT thanking me, sadly : (
So now, he's just started his diet, and all I want it to eat, of course, eat Ice cream! Oberweiss Peanut butter and Chocolate to be exact! Another one of his fav's! So there I am, creeping around trying to hide the ice cream, but you know, I don't have great hiding places, I never won Hide and Seek as a kid, lol! And then, I buy a 2 pack of the Reeses Peanut Butter Hearts, thinking I'd give one to him, and one for myself. Not a good idea!! The only time I really want ice cream is that wonderful time of month, I just wish it wasn't right now when he's just starting and still craving the 'bad" foods : (
I guess it's gonna take some getting used to, trying to eat healthy, saying NO to the Oberweiss and Reeses, but I know it's for the best! Not just for Hubby and I, but for our kids too!
So if theres anyone that has some good dieting tips, recipes, or some good yummy snacks that will fill us up, please feel free to comment!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NightTime Cold Meds and my kids don't mix!

The kids are sick, and my daughter is so stuffed up she's just miserable! For some reason, she doesn't blow her nose, she wipes it and snorts it back up : (
I bought some Night time Dimetapp for her so she'd be able to sleep better, but instead of making her sleepy, she was even more awake! This happened with my son too, when his allergies were acting up so I went and got Benydryl, and he was up all night instead of sleeping!
So for now, I'll break out the Humidifier, and keep pushing for her to blow that nose instead of snorting it back up! And pray for a decent nights sleep for all of us : )

Monday, January 17, 2011

Upcoming CSNstore Review!!!

Now that the holidays are over, I can sit back and actually figure out what this house needs! Because it's snowy and too cold to do my shopping outside, I check online!  I'm always looking for a good deal or sale, so online stores really let me look at a ton of possibilities . One of the main things I'm looking for is either a Dining Room Set, or just a nice set of chairs for the table I've got. Whether you are looking for Modern Dining Room Furniture, or something classic that will stay around for years to come, CSNStores has an awesome selection that won't dissapoint! Given that there are over 200+ stores to shop from, I know I can always find what I want!

And if it's something else you're looking for, say a new set of Silverware, Glassware, or some pretty Serving pieces, they've got you covered! So many choices, it may be hard to choose just one!

But CSN Stores isn't just for the Kitchen, it has everything, you name it, you'll find it! Baby and Kids, Outdoor Living, Health and Fitness, and one of my fav's, Shoes! These are just a few goodies you'll find when you head over to CSN!

So check it out, you won't be dissapointed!!

Round 2 of Target 75% Toy Clearance!

Second time around, I did much better, got WAY more stuff and because I was only 1 of 2 people in the aisle, I had my choice of toys! However, I did get there right at 8am, and the guy had just started scanning the toys in so I didn't get everything I wanted because I didn't have the time to wait for him to get to the end of the 2nd aisle! All in all, thought, I was VERY happy with my purchases!

So this time, I found the Pop On Pals Amusement Park, marked down to $8! One of my favorite purchases, as my best friends daughter turns 1 next week and I'm excited to give it to her! I also found some of the Pop On Pals people for $3, last time I got the animals, so now we've got a good set to give to her : )

Other goodies I found-

Littlest Pet Shop Doll set- $5

Littlest Pet Shop Camping Set- $4

Hot Wheels Ultimate Repair Set - $5

Fancy Nancy Dress - $5

Ice Cream Scoops - $2.48

Webkinz Zumbuddy - $2.48

Club Penguin Figurines - $2.48

Black Dress Shoes (for daughter next year) $2.48!!!

I also had a few more odds and ends, some tiny stuffed horses that will go into daughters goodie bags for Bday party, some Bakugen cards and figurines I will use for sons Bday prizes, and 2 Glitter bouncy balls for Easter baskets!
I keep everything in my closet and usually use them for Bday presents for the kids friends, and at the end of the year what we haven't used, I donate to the schools Holiday Sharing program! I think wherever the toys go, they'll be enjoyed!!
Anymore goodies for you guys?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally switched to 75% at Target!

I was debating whether or not to stop at Target after I dropped my son off, because I also had other things to do. I'm glad I did, they were scanning everything to 75% today!! And, they had only done 1/4 of the aisle but everything I wanted had been done, yea!!! I'll have pics up later, just have to load everything into the house, and my driveway is too icy right now,lol!
Anyways, my load contained

Polly Pocket Mermaid Set- $6.74

Polly Pocket Beach Set $4.98

Huge Play food set- $2.50

Fashion Fairytale Ken doll $2.48

Fashion Fairytale Dressup dress $4.98

Fancy Nancy Dressup dress $4.98

Pop On Pals people $2.48 ( 2 sets)

I went back later and picked up some little things, Ponys for daughters goodie bags, Bakugen figures for prizes, etc.
The ONLY thing I didn't get that I really wanted to get for my daughter was the ICarly Remote, I saw it last night and it was gone this morning.... oh well, I think the awesome Polly Pocket stuff will make up for it!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Target Clearance finds, so far!

I've been waiting and waiting for our Target toy section to hit 75%, but as of today, most of it is still at 50%.
BUT, I did find a few toys that I know my daughter will love, and they were actually marked to 75%!

I picked up
Fashion Fairytale Barbie ( the one that lights up) Reg. $19.99 got it for $5.00

Fashion Fairytale Barbie ( one of her friends) Reg. $14.99 got it for $3.74

Aqua Sand Mermaid Island- Reg. $14.99 got it for $3.74

Pop On Pals Animals - Reg. $4.99 got for $2.48

I also picked up some nice thick washclothes for $.48 each, a ceramic Angel sign for my Momma for $1.48, a PJ set for Hubby for $3.74, and the awesome Glade candle deal with my $3.00 coupon which made them $.48 each!!! I still have 4 more coupons so I'll be going back tonight or tomorrow to pick up more! Those candles are great stuffers for gift baskets, or just to have around the house! And they smell good!

I am VERY thankful that my nearest Target is about 5 minutes from my house, and 2 minutes from my sons school! I drop him off at 8 and can head right over to check it the clearance has changed!

Have any of you gotten any good deals so far?

$50 EdenFantasys GIVEAWAY!!!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Thanks to the wonderful people at EdenFantasys, I get to give one of my lucky readers a $50 Gift code to spend at EdenFantasys!!
From my previous post, you can see there are MANY items to choose from, cute nighties, sexy costumes, Massage oils, and some really fun toys to play with !!
I myself have been eying the Sweethearts Chocolate Box, looks like fun and I bet it would make me burn off calories instead of gaining them, lol!
I also love the Heart Mesh Bra with Tanga Shorts, perfect for hiding the mommy pooch I don't like to show off, and letting me show off the parts I DO like : )
So now you'll be able to pick the perfect gift for Valentines Day, thanks to EdenFantasys!!
My question to you is, What would you pick out if you won the $50 Gift code? ( Mandatory Entry!)

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Thanks for entering and good luck!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Eden Fantasys- For the gift your Valentine will LOVE!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
With Valentines Day coming soon, we probably get the question from out significant other- "What do you want for Valentines Day?" At least, I do! My hubby usually does great, but I know he probably won't go into a store to buy me some cute lingerie! Thats all up to me, and I'm pretty shy when it comes to physically going into a store to shop for lingerie!
And that's where EdenFantasys comes in! Ladies, instead of telling them what you want, tell them to go to Eden Fantasys and pick out something he'd like to see you in,like the China Doll Chiffon BabyDoll set,  or would like to massage you with, such as some Intimate Organics Massage Oil! There are so many goodies to choose from, but to make it easier, how about you make a Wish List to help choose from?!
Or, mabye you'd like to surprise you love yourself, starting out by getting yourself ready with Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath or some Crazy Girl Body Mist! Whatever you choose, everyone will be happy on Valentines Day!!
I think I had alot of fun shopping in the Sexy Costumes section, because like I said before, I'm pretty shy when it comes to shopping for stuff to wear in the bedroom! EdenFantasys makes it so much easier, with pics to show how it will look and customer reviews on most of their products! There is so much to choose from, I spend a good hour just deciding what I want to buy!
So, if you're in a bind for Valentines Day, or just want to spice it up in the bedroom, I suggest you check out Eden Fantasys and pick out some goodies that will make bedtime REALLY fun!!!

Santa Swap goodies!

I participated in the Santa Swap from The Mommy Files this Christmas, and it was sooo much fun! I love shopping, and meeting new bloggers so these swaps are just my thing!
This year, my swap partner was Lindsay, from Laughing Lindsay! She sent me some really great goodies for me, AND my kiddies! She did such an awesome job, I only hope she liked her own gifts as much as we did!
I got the cutest Snowman goodies, cutouts, a figurine, handtowels, and then some great smelling Cupcake lotions and socks set, and my favorite, Reeses Peanut Butter Trees! I could live on those things : ) The kids loved their treats, the candy, the puzzles, and they fought me for the humongous pen Lindsay sent, we trade off now, lol!
Thanks so much for everything Lindsay, we all loved your thoughtfulness and hope you enjoyed everything as well!
And thanks to Shannon at The Mommy Files, for once again putting together a great swap!
If you're interested in participating in a swap, there is a sign up going on for the Valentines Swap right now, check it out!!

Back to the Living, for now!

The past few weeks have been crazy! Of course there were the Holidays, and with the kids being home for 2 weeks, I barely got onto my computer at all! It was a nice break, but I hadn't planned on it, lol! I'm pretty behind and will be working hard to get everything done, some great giveaways and really good reviews are coming up!
I'd love to hear how your holidays were, mine were pretty darn good and will have some pics up soon to show you!