Sunday, August 28, 2011

First week of school down, and 1 kid is already sick!

I should know by now, that as soon as school starts, the kids are going to be getting sick! No matter how much I try to pump more fruits and veggies into them, give them their vitamins every day, within a week or so, at least 1 of my kids is sick!
Last year, my daughter had a horrible UTI the first week of school, but she didn't tell me until the end of the week, because she didn't want to miss school she LOVES it! Then 2 weeks later, my son got a cold that lasted for 3 weeks, but HE isn't like little sis, he wanted to stay home the WHOLE 3 weeks!
I am looking for a really good childrens vitamin, my daughter hates Gummi ones, which we have because last year, she loved them! And my son will make a huge stink about taking normal vitamins, claiming they leave a bad taste in his mouth. So, what are some suggestions for a vitamin BOTH kids will take, and like?!

Windows Phone Giveaway at The Dirty Shirt Blog!

Right now, The Dirty Shirt blog is having a giveaway to win a Windows phone! I'd love to win this, as having my phone on me is always necessary and this phone seems amazing! Head over to The Dirty Shirt blog to enter, and hurry because the giveaway ends Sept.1st!

Monday, August 22, 2011

EdenFantasys- Fun and Sexy goodies for Adults!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Anytime I want to look for something fun and sexy, I head over to EdenFantasys! When I'm looking for a sexy Bra and Panty set or a pretty Nightie, I know I'll find a great selection there! I just recieved this Lace Bra and Panty set, and couldn't be happier!  It's comfy enough to wear all day long, and sexy enough to make Hubby crazy! : )
 But it's not just for lingerie, if you want to add a little fun to the night, you can check out their Sensuoul Massage Kits, Warming oils, and Edible treats! The Oil of Love is amazing, it's probably one of the first oils I've used that doesn't have a bad taste, or leave you feeling like your dripping in oil hours after applying. The Cherry Almond scent was perfect, not too strong and left a lingering scent that was very pleasant! When Hubby isn't complaining, I know it's a winner!

If you aren't one to wear lingerie or use the Sensual goodies, EdenFantasys also has a big array of Adult DVDs! From Instructional DVDs to your XX Rated movies, if you aren't one to go into a store to purchase,I'd definetly recommend checking out their selection of DVDs!
EdenFantasys is a great One stop shop for adults! Whatever you're looking for, they are bound to have it!

School clothes shopping is a nightmare!

Oh how I long for the days where I would go out shopping for the day, bring home clothes for the kiddies for school, and they'd be happy with everything I brought home! Now, we go together, although I should take them one at a time!, and it's just pure hell! My son is 12 and all of a sudden wants only black shirts, I had to beg him to wear a blue shirt, and then I threw in some other colors and told him he'd wear them or I wasn't buying him anymore black, lol! My daughter is 8, and although she has NO love of clothes while at home, or going to family outings, when it comes to school, she only wants the best, most expensive outfits! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping, but I came to realize today that I am going to need to start playing lotto in hopes that I will be able to continue to cloth my kids the way they want to be clothed!

We checked out at Kohls, and the cashier pointed out that I had saved $160, and the kids were like "Oh man Ma, you can shop!" However, they didn't see how much I HAD spent! Was wishing for some giftcards or real good coupons but I guess I still did get a decent amount for what we spent.
But I think I will always long for the days were $100 would get BOTH kids their shoes, clothes, and backpacks... now thats just a few shirts and shorts, for one!!!! How do parents with more than 2 kids do it??!!!