Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hit the jackpot again, I LOVE CVS!!!

So I stopped in today, JUST to get a bottle of water.... and then I saw the 2 tables of 75% clearance, and the 4 bins underneath that! I knew I should have stayed home!
I picked up
Dove Body Wash- $1.24
CVS Kids bodywash- $.67
Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Duos $.34!!!!
Ice Breakers Mints $.45
Livesavers bag $.49
and 2 Graduation things an Autograph doggie $1.96
and a Grad frame for $2.24!

I had coupons for the Dove and Livesavers at home, but since I had saved so much already, and had $2 Extra bucks, I figured I can always go back tomorrow and use them for more to stockpile! I ended up spending around $7, and when I looked at the Dove original price, it was $6! So I got some GREAT deals today!
I just love hitting these clearances! Target and Kohls have been pretty dissapointing lately over here, so this made my day!

I've won some giveaways, now how do I DO a giveaway?

Since I'm new to the blog world, I really have no clue how to do much of anything! It took me forever just to figure out how to add blogger buttons! I'm not the greatest with computers, but I can play a mean game of computer solitaire!
I guess what Im looking for is any info that will help me get my blog out there, and also figure out how I can start doing giveaways! If I find a product on my own, can I do a giveaway that way? Or does it have to be from a sponser?
If thats the case, how do I get sponsers to help me do these reviews/giveaways?
Bear with me, I'm learning as I go, but I'd appreciate ANY help or info you all can give me!
Thanks alot!

Bouncy Waterslide giveaway!

Tuesday, June 30th will be the kick-off to the WATERSLIDE BOUNCE HOUSE Giveaway sponsored by Playhouse Bouncers!
The contest runs from June 30th thru Aug. 3rd., so get your entries in!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garage Sales

Well, today was supposed to be the first day of our garage sale! BUT, I put everything off, because it's been WAY too hot outside. I mean, I go out for 5 minutes to get the mail and Im feeling like Im going to pass out! It's only the 6th day of summer, what am I gonna do?
So instead of having our own, I'm going to scour the neighborhood for other peoples sales! I figure I'll work up a tolerance to the heat while bargain shopping, and hopefully find some good stuff while doing so!
Honestly though, I've never had a garage sale before, so I guess I'm just afraid I'm going to mess it up or do something wrong, and thats why I keep putting it off!
Our new plan is for the weekend after next, because of the 4th of July, so I should have PLENTy of time to get myself ready... I think!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Runners, check out this giveaway! Ends tonight!

Over at The Happy Runner, she's got a giveaway going on to win

One pair of running shoes -- winner's choice! The shoes just need to be available to the public in stores or online.

One Puma tech shirt

One Puma t-shirt

Very cool!! So hurry up and get your entries in, it ends tonight!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Weekend!

This weekend has probably been the busiest weekend yet, and I know somehow, they are only going to get busier! Friday I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for Fathers Day gifts, and was unsuccesful. BUT, I remembered I had that wonderful $10 coupon from JcPennys, that came in handy!
Saturday was my little sisters 8th grade graduation party, what a blast we had! Since it was around 85 degrees, my parents let the kids fill up water balloons and put the kiddie pool out... for around 10 teenaged girls, I just had to laugh at that idea! I sat by my grandma, knowing I wouldnt get wet that way! I even covered myself with a towel, in the 85 degrees weather! Well, the SECOND I got up to get a drink, my wonderful little sis drenched me! But man did it feel good! My kiddies had a blast with the balloons and my Ashie had such a fun time in the baby pool. That girl has got a HUGE imagination!
What else that day... a cake fight, and karaoke, which even my dad sang, that I wish I had video taped! And again, my baby girl singing her heart out! I'm hoping she keeps up with loving to sing, because she has the most adorable singing voice! And my son, wanting to do it, but "couldn't find a song he wanted to sing" so he never got up there, lol!
And today, Fathers Day! The worst part of the day was that my hubby had to work, so the kids had to spend most of the day with me, poor things! We went to my grandparents for a BBQ, and I realized that I have eaten WAY too much!
Once we got home, Daddy got his presents, and now they are settling down to watch a movie. I probably should go join them, but this is the first free time Ive gotten all weekend!
So, Happy Fathers Day, and hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awesome shopping at CVS!

Today I had to stop in CVS for a few things, but walked out with more than I had gone in for... but spend WAY less than I planned!
I always search the clearance, thats my thing! Today they had restocked it up, and this is what I got..

2 Oral B toothbrushes, marked at 1.19- coupon for $1.00- paid .$19!

Mabelline eyeshadow duos- marked at 1.99- coupon for $1.00- paid $.99!

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste- marked at 2.47- coupon for $.50- paid $ 1.97!

Sunsilk Shampoo AND conditioner- marked at $1.67- coupon for $1.00- paid $.67!

A few coupons were expired but they took them anyways! The cashier was like, "Wow, you got some GREAT deals!"
I walked out of the store overly excited and cant wait to go back in a few days to check out the new clearance!

I love clearance, thanks Mom, for always making us go to that section first!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away!! Please go away...

I woke up and just had a feeling it was going to be a crappy day, of course, I was right!
The kids have been outside pretty much every day since break started, so this has been a day of ,"when can we go outside?", "has it stopped raining yet?", and "Why wont you just let us go out now?"! I keep telling them, "However much YOU want to go outside, I want it even more!"
But, they've kept themselves occupied, Ash has been bundling up her toys and clothes for our garage sale, and she's got a TON of stuff! But I had to go thru it myself, she was going to try and sell her brand new shoes she got, because today, she doesnt like them. And she can get $1 for them if she sells them, so she says...
And Ant, well, he got to catch up on his video games, which surprisingly, he hasnt been on for awhile, thanks to the nice weather,minus today!
So, now Ive decided I need to find a few activities we can go do when the rain won't go away, and get us all out of this house for awhile! A day we can handle, 2, not so sure!!

Awesome giveaway at Chicken nuggets of Wisdom!

Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom is going on a Vacay, but she's got a GREAT giveaway going on, and I for one and soo excited to be entered in it!
Head over there and check it out, you wont be dissapointed!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Christmas in July....!

It's Christmas in July, and Im really excited about that! We were just talking today about how Christmas seems to sneak up on us every year, but this year, its going by slow. I guess I should be glad, the kids gifts seem to get more and more expensive every year!
But hey, I enjoy buying gifts for people, and I love to shop period, so I cant wait to get to do this fun gift exchange over at Angies Spot!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 4 of Summer break....only day 4?!

Our neighborhood is filled with little subdivisions, and this weekend a few of them are having HUGE garage sales! I was so pumped last night, I figured my daughter and I would hit the sales and we'd have a fun day.... but I fogot that she's 6, and once she's found what SHE wants, its pretty much over from there.
We got thru about 5, she had a stack of books and some plastic barn that she just HAD to have, when she turned to me and said, "oh mom, Im sooo tired, I can't walk anymore".
Great, I just started hitting the jackpot with Aero/ON/ Abercrombie shirts for 50 cents, and she wants to go home! I pleaded, I begged, I told her I'd get her the Barbie salon we saw a few sales down, but she "needed" to stop.
Fine, I say, we'll go home, BUT were coming back later, ok? Ok, sounds good. WE get home, now she's got a belly ache. She eats lunch, and we go outside to mail some stuff when she see's my sons friend outside. THEN she feels fine!
Later on, I bring her with me to the mall to get a few things, and usually she's my shopping buddy, but today, no such luck. I couldnt even bribe her with some frozen yogurt from the food court!
So off we go, back home, and what a miracle, she's now feeling GREAT!!! Oh I love my kids more than the world, but today, I wish they were still in school, lol!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Momma Kristys 1st blog!

So Ive decided to become a blogger, what about, Im not too sure yet! As I think about it, Ive got a great family, a crazy life, Im sure I'll be able to come up with something daily!!
First things first, my name is Kristy, Im a 30 year old momma to a 10 year old son, and a 6 year old daughter. They are my crazy yet lovable little children. Ive been married for 10 years to an awesome hubby, Tony, and we've been thru some crazy roller coaster rides in those 10 years! I think I'll share some of those stories, and hopefully find that I am NOT the only person in this world that has gone thru some strange, almost unbelievealbe situations. People wonder how we've stayed together thru it all, but he's my guy, and Im his girl, and thats the most important thing to us!
Well, tonight I'll think about what I'd like to blog about, and hopefully this will be a fun thing for us all!!!

Nighty night,