Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winner of the Fizz Cups Giveaway!

Ok, I forgot about this one! Soooooooo,

Congrats to Karin!  You are the winner of a 4 pack of Fizz Cups! I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

I'll be sending you an email shortly to confirm!

Thanks to all who entered!

Disney on Ice Giveaway at Mama's Money Savers!

My kids are HUGE Disney fans, so going to see Disney on Ice would be an awesome treat for them!
RIght now, Mama's Money Savers is having a giveaway to win 4 tickets to Disney on Ice!
Head over and enter today, giveaway ends Jan.22nd!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And the winners are...

The winners of the Fiber One Gift Packs are...

Renee and Toystory! Congrats, I will be sending emails shortly!

Thanks to all that entered!

Great Clearance going on at Kohls!

With all of the holidays finally over with, I stopped to think for a second and realized I had some Kohls cash that needed to be spent! My initial trip there was going to be to buy a pair of snow boots for myself, but after walking thru the shoe dept., I realized THAT was not going to happen. Pretty much ALL of their winter boots were gone, I guess that's what happens when you live in Illinois and winter has just showed it's very ugly head!
So, I decided to check out the Christmas section, again, no luck, it had been pretty much cleared out aside from some stockings and a few random ornaments! I swear, every year I tell myself I am going to get to these stores right after Christmas, and every year I get there a week later to find nothing! When will I learn?!

I then went to browse the clearance racks, and I'm glad I did! I got my son 2 shirts for $4, my daughter 2 pairs of her favorite "soft, warm" pants for $5 each, the hubby got 2 long sleeved tshirts for $3.80 each, and I picked out a Pumpkin candle for $2.49 and a Chicago Bears shirt for $8! I always look at the cute Bears shirts for myself, but I won't pay $20 for a shirt, so this was a GREAT find for myself!
I ended up paying $3.90 for all these things, and if I had more time, I would have really gotten into the clearance parts, because the clothing is all marked down! They actually have bathing suits out, yikes! It's only 3 degrees here right now, I'm nowhere close to thinking about putting on a bathing suit, lol!

If you can, head over to Kohls and check out what they've got, I bet you find some great deals like I did!

General Mills Cereal- Less sugar, Healthy kids!

Let's face it, most mornings with my kids is pretty hectic! By the time they're up and fully functioning, I don't have the time I'd like to make a nice healthy, hot breakfast! So, we reach for the boxes of cereal, it's quick and easy, and I know they won't be at school starving until snack time. I try to get some of the healthier cereals in them, but they love their Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Trix. My ONE lucky cereal is Cheerios, both kids love it and I'm happy to sprinkle on a BIT of sugar knowing it's a great cereal!

Well, now I'm very happy to say that General Mills is commitment to further reduce sugar in cereals advertised to kids under 12 to single digit grams of sugar per serving! Now picking out a cereal will be much easier on my mind AND the kids will be happy that they can still each their yummy tasting cereal, and it's even healthier!

I had vowed that I would NEVER make my kids eat gross, bland, cardboard tasting cereal, and I'm so glad that I can STILL keep my vow : ) We've tried the Lucky Charms and Trix with less sugar, and the kids are still gobbling it up as usual!
Another added benefit is getting in the Whole Grains and added Fiber needed! My daughter has some issues and needs the extra fiber, so again, I'm thankful to find it in a food that she will eat at any time!

Did you know that ready-to-eat cereal eaters consume less fat, less cholesterol and more fiber than non-cereal eaters? Cereals also deliver important vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, making cereal a top source of key nutrients in children’s diets.

Other cereal benefits:

Ready-to-eat cereals, including presweetened cereals, account for only 5% of sugar in children’s diets.

Ready-to-eat cereal is the No. 1 source of whole grains in a child’s diet today.

More frequent cereal eaters tend to have healthier body weights and lower Body Mass Index measures.

Studies also demonstrate the benefits of eating breakfast. A 1998 study showed that children who eat breakfast tend to perform better at school. Compared to children who skip breakfast, children who eat breakfast score higher on tests, are less likely to miss class or be tardy, have fewer reported discipline problems, and make fewer trips to the office.

For more information about kids and cereals, please visit Cereal Health and Wellness.

Want to try it out yourself? Well, here's a $1 off coupon to get you started! Please try General Mills Less Sugar, not only for yourself but for your kids, you won't regret it!

*All information and free cereal coupons were all provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.