Saturday, August 1, 2009

My deals of the week!

This week I haven't been out much, but I managed to get a few really good deals when I did get to the stores!
First, I have to say, I love Kohls! I really loved them before their clearance pricing changed, but I can still find some nice prices if I dig a bit, or wait and wait, lol! So I have been eyeing this purse for about a month now, it was marked down to 19.99, but I already know it will eventually go down more, so I waited. And waited, and waited..... it seemed like MY purse was the only one that wasn't getting marked down every week! I finally stopped in on Tuesday to check out the baby clothes for a friend and figured I would just check on the purse. FINALLY, it was marked down to, 4.99!!!!!! Score for me! I then saw that they had sunglasses marked down, some where marked down from $25 to $2.25! Of course I had to get a few because I always lose my glasses, I probably have about 10 pairs in my car and house put together! A few shirts for the kids marked at $2, a stuffed giraffe with shampoo and conditioner for my little sis who loves giraffes, and I headed up to the checkout.
I think for me the biggest rush is finding out how much I've saved in one trip. This trip was a great one! I save $45 on the purse, around $60 on the glasses, $16 on the shirts and $8 on the giraffe! I had a few GC's with odds and ends on them so I ended up paying around $8 for everything! The cashier said, "Wow, you know what you're doing!" I of course had to give the credit to my mom, who has installed in me NEVER buy full price, and always wait if I can, because as I said before, it WILL go lower, eventually! Sometimes it stinks waiting SO darn long, like for my purse, but it pays in the end!
Yesterday I stopped at Target to check out the 75% toy clearance, not too much there, but I did get a Camp Rock doll for $3.74, a bathtub soap maker $1.74, a ball that is flat then turns into a football $2.94, and the Camp Rock sandals my daughter has been begging for $3.74! Again, I had a GC, so I spent around $9 for all of it, but it was still a good deal. I'm going to check a few more Targets today, there are TONS of toys that would make great Birthday presents for the kids friends, and at these prices, I can't not keep hunting!
Hope you all have a great weekend, I'm going to be posting my 1st giveaway soon! I'm excited for it, hope you all enjoy it!

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SH said...

ah too bad I couldn'nt get the flat football ! Can't get them all !