Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School shopping!

The past few weeks I've been picking up shirts and pants on sale for the new school year. One thing I hate is that I buy clothes, and a few months later, they don't fit anymore! And, here in Illinois, I can never be sure if it's going to be a warm week, or a cold week. So, I try and buy a few new t's and shorts for the first week, and then play it by ear for the following weeks.
I always feel that with Christmas a few months away, the kids will have a TON of winter clothes, but again, we live in Illinois so I never know if I'll need to pull out their winter coats in September!
I swear I buy my kids outfits, they wear them twice, and then they don't fit! They go thru growth spurts faster than I can put dinner on the table!
So for now, I'm scouring the clearance racks for t's and shorts, and I've gotten some great deals! My daughter got 4 shirts for $1.74 each at Target, very cute and will go with anything! And my son lucked OUT! I found some "sport" tshirts for $1.24 each, and then a few cartoonish shirts for $2! I guess my thinking is that the shirts get noticed more than the shorts/pants, so I'll buy more of those. Then when it gets cooler, I can buy jeans, hopefully clearanced!
And here's my biggest problem! My 10 year old son, is a beanpole! He's been in a size 10 for about 2 years now. BUT, he's shooting up and now his size 10 jeans are floods, but 12 slim are too big, even with the darn elastic band inside! What do I do? This drives me nuts! He doesn't like any other type of pants! I may have to hunt at Old Navy for some cool Cargo pants, he may go for those!
So if anyone has any tips, or where some good deals are, let me know! I'm always on the hunt!

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