Monday, August 31, 2009

Great toy finds at Walgreens!

I've decided to start a "Gift Closet", or actually, a "gift container" because my closets are too filled with junk! So, lately I've been checking out the toys that I would think my kids would like, and if the price is awesome, I buy it and stick it in my container!
So today at Walgreens, I found some Betty Spaghetti dolls that were $9.99, marked down to $1.79!!! Then they had 2 Bratz dolls, just the basic ones, but were also $9.99, marked down to $2.25! And last, I'm always one to give a kid some sort of craft or art project kit for a gift, because my kids LOVE to do crafts! I found some RoseArt kits, Make your own Tattoos, Puffy paint designs, and a 500 Pc. activity set, each marked at $1.29, regular priced $7.99!!! And if the kids don't go to any Bday parties, I can definetly use them for Xmas gifts for the family!
These are the deals I LIVE for, I am one happy camper right now! : )

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