Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Skin Free Niaouli Butter Stick Review

I won this on a blog contest, and I love it! I suffer from both excema and psoriasis, so finding products that actually work, and will not irritate my skin more than it already is, well, it's hard to do.
My legs are the worst lately, and shaving has been pure torture. So a few nights ago, I put a bit of the butter on the bad areas. I noticed within a few minutes the itching was gone, and that was a great relief! I put some on my arm/elbow area where its a bit dry, and the next morning the areas were noticiably smoother! It has been working in all of the areas I needed relief!
The Niaouli Butter stick has a nice, pleasant scent, almost lemony. I like that it doesn't feel greasy, goes on smooth, and I feel results within minutes!
I will definetly try out more Skin Free products in the future, they are worth every cent!

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