Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away!! Please go away...

I woke up and just had a feeling it was going to be a crappy day, of course, I was right!
The kids have been outside pretty much every day since break started, so this has been a day of ,"when can we go outside?", "has it stopped raining yet?", and "Why wont you just let us go out now?"! I keep telling them, "However much YOU want to go outside, I want it even more!"
But, they've kept themselves occupied, Ash has been bundling up her toys and clothes for our garage sale, and she's got a TON of stuff! But I had to go thru it myself, she was going to try and sell her brand new shoes she got, because today, she doesnt like them. And she can get $1 for them if she sells them, so she says...
And Ant, well, he got to catch up on his video games, which surprisingly, he hasnt been on for awhile, thanks to the nice weather,minus today!
So, now Ive decided I need to find a few activities we can go do when the rain won't go away, and get us all out of this house for awhile! A day we can handle, 2, not so sure!!


shopannies said...

been havein alot of rain here lately and even more where my daughter lives she is so unhappy she can't take the baby to the lake when it rains

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh Girl I hear you it's been raining after work each night and the boys have been going batty! Litterally my living room was turned upside down! I almost cried today ... LOL Oh please sun come back to me.

Ahhh Video games are the best ... :)

Muah TY for putting the button up ;)