Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 4 of Summer break....only day 4?!

Our neighborhood is filled with little subdivisions, and this weekend a few of them are having HUGE garage sales! I was so pumped last night, I figured my daughter and I would hit the sales and we'd have a fun day.... but I fogot that she's 6, and once she's found what SHE wants, its pretty much over from there.
We got thru about 5, she had a stack of books and some plastic barn that she just HAD to have, when she turned to me and said, "oh mom, Im sooo tired, I can't walk anymore".
Great, I just started hitting the jackpot with Aero/ON/ Abercrombie shirts for 50 cents, and she wants to go home! I pleaded, I begged, I told her I'd get her the Barbie salon we saw a few sales down, but she "needed" to stop.
Fine, I say, we'll go home, BUT were coming back later, ok? Ok, sounds good. WE get home, now she's got a belly ache. She eats lunch, and we go outside to mail some stuff when she see's my sons friend outside. THEN she feels fine!
Later on, I bring her with me to the mall to get a few things, and usually she's my shopping buddy, but today, no such luck. I couldnt even bribe her with some frozen yogurt from the food court!
So off we go, back home, and what a miracle, she's now feeling GREAT!!! Oh I love my kids more than the world, but today, I wish they were still in school, lol!!!


kiddiescorner said...

Congrats on starting a blog! It's very addicting. If you need any advice dont hesitate to email! :O) Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!

shopannies said...

this doesn't change as they grow older either my senior in highschool is ready to go back to school allready as well