Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally switched to 75% at Target!

I was debating whether or not to stop at Target after I dropped my son off, because I also had other things to do. I'm glad I did, they were scanning everything to 75% today!! And, they had only done 1/4 of the aisle but everything I wanted had been done, yea!!! I'll have pics up later, just have to load everything into the house, and my driveway is too icy right now,lol!
Anyways, my load contained

Polly Pocket Mermaid Set- $6.74

Polly Pocket Beach Set $4.98

Huge Play food set- $2.50

Fashion Fairytale Ken doll $2.48

Fashion Fairytale Dressup dress $4.98

Fancy Nancy Dressup dress $4.98

Pop On Pals people $2.48 ( 2 sets)

I went back later and picked up some little things, Ponys for daughters goodie bags, Bakugen figures for prizes, etc.
The ONLY thing I didn't get that I really wanted to get for my daughter was the ICarly Remote, I saw it last night and it was gone this morning.... oh well, I think the awesome Polly Pocket stuff will make up for it!!

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Rebecca said...

Hopefully when we go to Target this evening there will be some good buys!