Monday, January 10, 2011

Eden Fantasys- For the gift your Valentine will LOVE!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
With Valentines Day coming soon, we probably get the question from out significant other- "What do you want for Valentines Day?" At least, I do! My hubby usually does great, but I know he probably won't go into a store to buy me some cute lingerie! Thats all up to me, and I'm pretty shy when it comes to physically going into a store to shop for lingerie!
And that's where EdenFantasys comes in! Ladies, instead of telling them what you want, tell them to go to Eden Fantasys and pick out something he'd like to see you in,like the China Doll Chiffon BabyDoll set,  or would like to massage you with, such as some Intimate Organics Massage Oil! There are so many goodies to choose from, but to make it easier, how about you make a Wish List to help choose from?!
Or, mabye you'd like to surprise you love yourself, starting out by getting yourself ready with Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath or some Crazy Girl Body Mist! Whatever you choose, everyone will be happy on Valentines Day!!
I think I had alot of fun shopping in the Sexy Costumes section, because like I said before, I'm pretty shy when it comes to shopping for stuff to wear in the bedroom! EdenFantasys makes it so much easier, with pics to show how it will look and customer reviews on most of their products! There is so much to choose from, I spend a good hour just deciding what I want to buy!
So, if you're in a bind for Valentines Day, or just want to spice it up in the bedroom, I suggest you check out Eden Fantasys and pick out some goodies that will make bedtime REALLY fun!!!

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JohnnyW said...

Nice list. I was looking at intimate Massage Oil myself and asked I was surprised that myBantu showed me oils that have been purchased by my friends... Ooooh... Cheeesy.. But was fun to read what they have to say about these oils.