Thursday, June 24, 2010

My school supply shopping challenge!

Since I was a kid, I've always loved school supply shopping! My entire family thinks I'm a little goody because of it, but to me, there's nothing like a brand new box of crayons, or a fresh, blank notebook!
My kids have been in school for years now, and every year we get the letter about the School supply kits for sale. I throw it right in the trash, because this is what I look forward to, to kick off the school year!
This year, I got the kids supply lists early, and I've already gotten some great deals! Both kids will need at least 2 1 inch binders, normally they are around $3-4, but I picked up 4 of them for $.37 each! Jewel is having a Closeout on tons and tons of school stuff, office supplies, and I'm racking up the savings because of it!
So, my challenge to myself is to purchase all of the supplies, hopefully WAY under what the premade kits cost! I'll be tracking my progress here in the next weeks! Let me know if YOU find any great deals!


Mom's Place said...

Pre-made school kits?! Where do you live?! LOL! Never have seen anything like that before!
I need to get on the school shopping ASAP. I have a problem though. Packing constraints! We moved here with bare minimum to get us through 2 months, before we get to our next post!
Lucky me, we get to arrive just 1 week before school starts! Nothing like last minute shopping for 4 school aged kiddos!

Anonymous said...
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