Thursday, October 8, 2009

Purple Pig Shirts Review!

Recently I was able to review a Yoga shirt from Purple Pig Shirts! If I could, I would wear a comy tshirt and jeans every single day. But, sometimes finding the comfy shirt is a problem for me, with my weird shape!
I picked the Peace Splash shirt, for a few reasons...
1. I love the color
2. It's a bit longer than most tshirts, which I REALLY like about it!
3. It is made from Super soft fabric, so I had to think it would be a comfy tshirt : )

I wore the shirt with a pair of jeans during the day, and I could lean over without worrying about showing stuff I didn't need to show, and it was soooo comfy! Then at night, I threw on my exercise pants to work out, and again, it covered up parts that don't need to poke out. This is a great shirt for exercising, because of the long length. Bending, stretching, jumping around, there's no worry about the shirt sliding up, exposing body parts! And again, it is so comfortable, I would most likely make it my workout shirt every time I exercise!

What is nice about the Purple Pig Shirts is that it's a great shirt to exercise in, but you can also wear it out and be fashionable! The designs on the shirts are  Yoga inspired, and are really cute! I'd definetly wear these shirts out and about, not just for exercising!

A bit about Purple Pig Shirts-
Purple pig was created based on our desire to share our commitment to health and wellness in a fun way. Find time in your day to sweat, laugh and just hang out in some of the softest tees around.

Our fabrics have been carefully chosen for quality, softness and comfort. Our unique designs each hand drawn. The shirt colors and ink are individually selected and coordinated.

Purple Pig Shirts is a sister company of CrazyDog Tshirts, so I can vouch that they have EXCELLENT customer service!

Purple Pig Shirts also has a  Mens line AND will soon be coming out with a Childrens line! Now the entire family can be comfy and stylish while exercising!
Coming soon will be Long Sleeved shirts and Sweatshirts, great for the fall weather coming up, I know walking in a bulky coat just isnt for me! I love to throw on a sweatshirt and go!

If you would like to order your own Purple Pig Shirt, visit them at, or add them on Facebook or Twitter!

Thank you to Purple Pig Shirts for the opportunity to review your shirts, I'm so happy with the product and will definetly keep purchasing from the company!

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