Friday, October 30, 2009

Kristines Shower Bath and Body review

I recently was able to review some products from Kristines Shower, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity! I suffer from Excema AND Psoriasis, so I am always trying to find products that won't irritate my skin. I love smelling pretty, and these were great on my skin!

I was sent CocoVan Aloe Vera Body Whip, Shea Butter Sorbet Moisturizer, and a bar of 100% soap!

First off, I have to say the scents are AMAZING! When I used the CocoVan Body whip for the first time, my daughter told me all day long how good I smelled : ) The Shea Butter Sorbet goes on smoothly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling, it just absorbs right in to my skin and leaves it feeling soft and moisturized!
The 100% soap has a light, clean scent to it, I love using it in the morning to wake me up. It also leaves a nice smell afterwards.

Kristines Shower offers many other products and has over 25 scents to choose, from Soft and Sensual, Fresh and Clean, Tropical Getaway, Fun and Fruity and Can't Miss Favorites! I'm pretty sure you will be able to find a scent for everyone!
Products available are- Bathbombs, 100% Soap, Shea Sorbet, Body Frosting, Aloe Vera Whips, Yummy Lips and they also offer products for men!
Kristines Shower also offers Gift Sets, whether you are shopping for a Birthday or a Shower Gift, this would make a wonderful surprise to anyones day!

I am almost out of my products, so I will definetly be making a purchase soon from Kristines Shower! The prices are great, the products are wonderful, I can't say enough good things about Kristines Shower : ) Any product that helps my skin AND smells great gets a thumbs up from me!

Thank you to Kristines Shower for giving me the opportunity to review these products!

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