Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Snack Ideas and Suggestions!

My kids are in 1st and 5th grade, and because I cannot actually go to their parties, I volunteered to send in some Halloween themed snacks!
Well, now I'm drawing a blank.. the snacks need to be more healthy than anything,and I said I'd do a fruit and/or veggie, so I figured I would go the easy route, carrots and dip and mabye some black olives to get the Black and Orange colors.
Then I thought I could do Black grapes and orange slices or cantaloupe, but I'm not sure the kids would like the Cantaloupe, my kids don't!
So, I'm looking for any ideas, I will take them all! Thanks for any ideas : )

Now I wish I would have just signed up to supply the paper goods, lol!

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newmami_rgv said...

Oh... snacks are always fun to make. I usually pick something that my little one can make with me... just a few and then i make the rest. Some of my favs are spooky sammys... ham n cheese sandwhiches I put a tomato or pickle slice sticking out of the bread and then use olives as eyes and carrot as nose and sometimes spray cheese ontop as hair. You can check out this site for more idea...