Monday, October 3, 2011

Party City! For all of your Halloween needs!

When I was a kid, I was always SO excited about Halloween. I'd stand in the Costume aisle and just stare, wondering which costume I'd be this year. Now, that was 20 something years ago, and costumes have come a LONG way from what I used to get to be! A plastic mask and vinyl cape of Miss Piggy or Wonder Woman was my choice, but now, WOW! I headed over to Party City to check out their site, From Animals to Super Heroes, there are so many choices, I can't imagine how long it would take me if I was a kid now!

My kids are 12 and 8, so they've been picking out their own costumes for awhile, my daughter usually tends to stay safe with a Princess or "cute" witch, but this year she went with Skelanimals- Kit the Kat! It is such a cute costume, and its perfect for her class party at school, then on to Trick or Treating! Costume came with a Dress, Leggings, Glovelettes and a Kit the Kat purse! I have a feeling my daughter will be trying it on every day until Halloween arrives!

My son, 12, informed me that he didn't want a full costume this year, his school doesn't do much for Halloween so for him, its just all about who he can scare on Halloween with a scary mask! We picked out the Nylon Skull Mask and Nylon
Pumpkin Mask, and they are FREAKY! Because they are Nylon they are a tight fit, but I think if he wore with a Hoodie it would look amazing! The Pumpkin mask is really scary, my daughter turned her back for a second and when my son turned her around, she screamed to high heaven, Man, am I looking forward to the next few weeks, lol! Guess I need to hide the masks till Halloween!

What I really liked about Party City is that if you're on a budget, there are still a ton of costumes to choose from under $20. There is also a Clearance section with costumes, some are only $5! Plus, if you sign up for Email alerts, you will recieve coupons for free shipping, % off, and other great deals! So, if you haven't gotten a costume yet, I would recommend checking out Party City, you won't be dissapointed!

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