Monday, October 3, 2011

It's October 3rd, and the Holiday decor is already out at stores!

Went to a few stores today, and thought, "I need to start looking at the Halloween decorations, we don't have much". Turned the corner, and was in an aisle of Christmas decorations, cards, etc! Now, I've always been excited to start shopping early for the holidays, but this year, I'd like to hold off! I mean, we JUST got our Halloween costumes, I want to be excited for Oct.31st, and NOT think about Dec. 25th for at least a few more weeks!
I remember the same thing happened during the Summer, school had only been out for say, 2 weeks? But Target was already lining their aisles with school supplies and goodies! And believe me, I LOVE to shop, for school supplies, Holidays, I'll shop for anything, but sometimes I'd like to not have it in my face when its still months away! Is it just me, or are stores putting stuff out earlier and earlier every year?!

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