Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting help and Giving back

My family has gone thru some rough times the past few years. Hubby has had many surgeries, I had a back fusion, and it definetly took a toll on us, mentally and financially. I am so thankful and greatful for my wonderful family and friends, that have helped us out the entire time! I'm also thankful for the kids school, that helped us out around the holidays, I honestly don't know what we would of done without everyones help and kindness!
I started thinking about how I could do my part and help others out, starting with the holiday season. Of course, I always donate a few things to the School toy drive, and donate all the kids older clothes and coats to the clothing drive, but I wanted to do something more. So I started thinking about helping out the Pediatric floor at our hospital, Central Dupage Hospital.
A few years ago, my son was in the ER for what we thought was just a really bad stomach bug, but it turned out to be Appendicitis. He was the bravest 9 year old, HE calmed ME down, he's just the greatest kid! After the surgery, they needed him to start walking and the incentive they gave him was that when he could walk to the end of the hall, he got to go to the Toy Closet and pick something out! Well that made him get up really quick! But once we got there, the nurse told us that they run mainly on donations, and that once the holidays are over, they get way less than they did at that time.
So that got me thinking, because I always pick toys up when I see them cheap, for Kids bday parties or just a treat for my kids. But everything I bought, my kids and kids friends are pretty much NOT playing anymore so they've been sitting in my closet. I pulled everything out and thought, I'll donate them to the Peds floor!
Now I'm on a mission, I want to do this for real. I want to be able to get toys to those brave kids, I know they deserve a treat and if I can make just one kid feel better for the day, well, it's worth it! What I'm looking for is info, how to do this, where to start, things like that. If anyone knows what direction I should start in, I'll love you forever : )

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Renee said...

That sounds like a fabulous idea--I don't know where you start but I hope you find out because I'm sure you will bring many smiles to many faces with your plan!