Friday, March 5, 2010

The Slanket Review

I am always cold, and our living room is always freezing! So when given the opportunity to review The Slanket, I was very interested!
We have a TON of blankets, but either they aren't long enough to cover my entire body, or they are so long I get completed tangled up in them! The Slanket is the perfect mix, good length and great warmth. I do have to say, when I recieved it, my husband was a little skeptical, he kept saying, just use a blanket, come on!
Well, I think he actually uses it MORE than I do! So, it's big enough to cover him, it's thick enough to keep me warm, AND when we are using it, the kids use the other end to cover themselves, double duty?!

A bit about The Slanket-
One subzero night in 1998 during my first semester of college I could not escape Maine's winter bite. While watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien I decided I needed to tear a hole in my sleeping bag so I could keep my upper body warm as I channel surfed during the commercial breaks. During Christmas vacation I commissioned the first Slanket to be made by my mother...and it was born.

The Slanket has over 15 prints to choose from, and the also offer Kids Slankets and Travel Slankets, very cool! Slanket is machine washable, made of 100% Polyester Microfibers, and is the best blanket ever : )
I would definetly recommend checking out The Slanket if you are looking for something to keep you warm, The Slanket has done it's job well!


Zippy said...

For some odd reason, I picture the whole family popping their heads out from beneath the Slanket.

Kristy said...

Lol, we have had most of our family somehow covered with the Slanket! It's THAT big!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhh I love mine great for working at home on the computer I can still type and be warm! I'm always so cold!