Friday, March 26, 2010

Blockbuster Express! Rental Code Rent 1, Get One Free!

Most nights, I can find something on the Tv, but since most of my shows are not on right now I love to catch up on movies. I hate going to the video store because I have a tendency to forget to return the movies on time and rack up HUGE late fees! So when I found out there was a Blockbuster Express Kiosk right down the street from me, I was estatic!
First, Blockbuster Express has all of the new releases just like a regular movie store does! But, here you're only going to pay $1 a night, and NO late fee's! That's my kind of rental! Second, there are many Kiosks all over the US, so it's probably going to be a quick trip out to rent a movie, instead of waiting and waiting at the video store while you could be at home already watching your movies!
And last, right now you can use the  coupon code is 555G13B, for a Rent One, Get One Free movie! With spring break coming up, the kids are going to be happy picking out movies for our usual Veg-Out Movie day! Hurry though, this code expires March 31st!
I'm enjoying renting movies even more now, because Blockbuster Express takes the hassle out of renting!

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