Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Friday, I'm so ready for you!

Every year, there is one day that I cannot wait for, although I'm sure my Hubby can! Black Friday, the day I spend day upon day planning for, when I get the first email from, I've got my notebook out and my lists start! My sister always laughs, because we shop and I'll have a list for every store that I pull out and look thru, each list has store opening time, hours the sales start and stop, and then I number what things I want!
I can't say when I first started Black Friday shopping, probably in my teens if my Mom went, but my biggest memory was Black Friday shopping, the day of my Wedding!! Yep, I got up extra early to hit Target and Walgreens, got some things for my sisters and then headed off to my hair appointment! There was NOTHING that was going to stop me from getting those $3 Barbies, and $2 PlayDoh sets, not even marrying my Hubby! Now, I look forward to shopping with my sisters every year, waiting in line at 3:30 am in the freezing cold, for Kohls to open, then running next store waiting in an even bigger line for Target to open! I love it, I think its one of the best days of the year, aside from my Bday and Anniversary, which, are all in the same week, lol!
So, I'm getting ready this year, got a brand new notebook and have started planning my strategies for the day! What are your Black Friday plans?

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