Sunday, August 28, 2011

First week of school down, and 1 kid is already sick!

I should know by now, that as soon as school starts, the kids are going to be getting sick! No matter how much I try to pump more fruits and veggies into them, give them their vitamins every day, within a week or so, at least 1 of my kids is sick!
Last year, my daughter had a horrible UTI the first week of school, but she didn't tell me until the end of the week, because she didn't want to miss school she LOVES it! Then 2 weeks later, my son got a cold that lasted for 3 weeks, but HE isn't like little sis, he wanted to stay home the WHOLE 3 weeks!
I am looking for a really good childrens vitamin, my daughter hates Gummi ones, which we have because last year, she loved them! And my son will make a huge stink about taking normal vitamins, claiming they leave a bad taste in his mouth. So, what are some suggestions for a vitamin BOTH kids will take, and like?!

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