Sunday, July 31, 2011

One of my best tips for Back to School supplies!

I'm always one to pick up good deals when I see them, but last year I knew I was going to be paying alot more for the kids school supplies than past years. My son was going into Jr High, and my daughters list now tripled after 1st grade! So, besides just going and picking up the deals, I picked up extras! Orignally, I had intended on donating them to some organizations, but lazy me never got around to dropping them off. That left me with about 10 boxes of crayons, colored pencils, markers each, around 15 packs of Notebook paper, tons of scissors and erasers. Then, I realized that my BIGGEST plan of picking of supplies while stores where clearancing everything out, was sitting in a basket on the side of my dresser.
Soooooo, I pulled out the kids lists, and after going thru what supplies I have here already, I actually was able to cross out more than 1/2 my daughters list, and almost 1/2 of sons! I was so happy I had to tell Hubby, because he never sees the point of my "extra" shopping! When I showed him how much I had already marked off, and what little I needed to buy, even he said I was pretty clever, lol!
Now, if I could only find some good deals on Backpacks! I really want to get my son a nice one this year, after going thru 4, yep 4, last year, I think it's finally time to invest in a well made one for him! And my daughter, well, she picks a character one, and after a month or so asks for a new one, so I think this year were going plain colors or just a design I know she'll like, lol!
Anyone else stock up like me? I also find it nice to have these supplies on hand for homework or projects that need to be done at home, and when the kids tell me at 8pm they need all kinds of stuff, I now don't have to run to the store, I can just run to the closet!

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