Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There's no way I could be an "Extreme" couponer, but.....

I'd still like to try my best to save as much as I can! For years, I've picked up the Sunday paper and scoured the sale ads and coupon inserts, cutting only the coupons I would use. Thanks to my Mom, who got me into training at a young age, and who always told me, "Don't buy anything unless it's on sale! Because eventually, it WILL go on sale! And if you can live without it until it does, why buy it full price?" So, now, years later, I've learned to write up grocery lists, check my coupons, and wait for the sales!
Now, I love watching Extreme Couponers, but what I don't like is that for someone like me, it just isn't possible! I have NO stores around me that do double coupons, unless I count Kmart that does it mabye once every 6 months. I hate hearing these people say that anyone can do it, because NO, I can't! Sure, I can go to a grocery store and save a good $40-$50 a trip, but thats after spending around $175! So really, it's nothing "extreme", it's just normal savings with alot of coupons!
Years ago, I tried following some of the online coupon sites, and yes, I did save some money doing that, but having a 1 year old at my feet, a 5 year old whining for something, and a hubby that was working 12-15 hours a day wasn't really good for my "coupon time". And, I do have a few cashiers at Walgreens and CVS that will do pretty much anything for me, I swear I see them more than I see my Mom and Dad, lol! But, if I get the wrong cashier, I don't feel like putting up a fight to get that extra $.20 off my purchase. I guess I've got aways to go, but mabye one day I'll get there!
So for now, I'll continue cutting my coupons and writing up my lists, to save what I can! Mabye, just mabye, one day a store near me will offer double coupons and I can really say I am an Extreme Couponer! Until then, I'll just be a normal couponer!!!

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