Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweetly You Review AND 20% Discount!

I love perfume! I love many diferent scents, depending on the day, I might wear a fruity scent, or a day like today where it's cold and dreary, I'm wearing a sweet Marshmallow scent! I was given the opportunity to review a Fragrance Sampler from Sweetly You, and I am in LOVE!

I was able to review a Perfume Sampler Set, that if purchased is $9.95! You'll get to choose 10 of your favorite scents, and mix and match as you please. I had such a hard time choosing just 10 scents, and I'm sure you're thinking, 10 is ALOT, but Sweetly You has over 60 fragrances to choose from! So I finally narrowed it down to my top 10, which were-

Creme Brulee- Like the Rich, creamy, Melt in your mouth French dessert

Marshmallow Madness - Creamy, fluffy marshmallows

Brown Sugar - A rich blend of Maple, Brown sugar, and Butter

Swiss Miss- Just like the Rich hot cocoa

New Romance- Luscious blend of Tangerine and Bergamot, with ripe apple, peaches and berries
Warm Allure- Vanilla, citrus, and a touch of coconut.

Very Sexy- Exotic Fruity floral blend

Flirty- Similar to Tommy Hilfigers Tommy Girl
White Ginger and Amber- Exotic woods and Vanilla notes highlighted by Coconut and Muguet

Hawaiian Breeze- A tropical blend of Orange, pineapple, peach and strawberry, combined with Jasmine and Lavender
My 2 absolute favorites are Warm Allure and New Romance, with White Ginger and Amber and Marshmallow Madness coming up right behind them. When I wore the Creme Brulee, Brown Sugar and Swiss Miss fragrances, both my Hubby and kids kept telling me I smelled like yummy candy, lol!One day I layered the Swiss Miss with Marshmallow Madness, YUM!  I would probably wear the Hawaiian Breeze and Flirty fragrances in the summertime, OR on a nasty day when I just want to think I'm at the beach or somewhere that its warm! I love that I can layer some of these and come up with a whole new unique scent of my own!

Sweetly You is a company that offers many other products, such as Sugar Scrubs, Body Butters, Bubble Bath and Body lotions! They also offer Travel sizes for when you're on the go, perfect for the workday or if you're going on a short getaway!
What I really like about Sweetly You is that they have so many gifts to choose from,  Customized Gift Baskets, Gifts under $10, and Birthday Gifts, that all come with a bag of Jelly Bellys! Too cute! There is something for everyone, especially with the array of fragrances to choose from, and the products you can pick to use the chosen scent in.

With the Holidays coming up, I think Sweetly You would be a great gift for Family, friends, even a teacher! If you would like to purchase something from Sweetly You, they have offered all of my readers a 20% discount!
Just use this code at checkout to recieve your 20% off!

I'd like to thank Sweetly You for giving me the opportunity to review all of these wonderful fragrances, and now have a store that I can purchase my perfumes from, without breaking the bank!

Disclaimer- I recieved a Fragrance Sampler from Sweetly You, free of charge, in return for my honest opinioins of the products.

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