Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School!

So the kids have been back to school for a week now, and of course my daughter just loves it! My son on the other hand, well, he could take it or leave it! He started Jr. High this year, and he's excited about that, but getting up an extra hour earlier is what he isn't liking too much : (
And I'm enjoying it too, but sometimes I think the summer is way too short! We only did a handful of things of our Summer List, thanks to my wonderful migraines that put me out for days at a time... but they both said they had a great summer so I guess I should be thankful for that!
Now onto the fun part! My daughter is in a "Peanut Free Zone" in her class, she has a few classmates with allergies. I need some good ideas for snacktime, because Goldfish and Ritz Crackers get boring after awhile! We do fruit, but mostly just grapes or apples. I'd love some new creative ideas on what I can send in for her that she'll love and want to continue to eat!
Thanks for any ideas : )


Renee said...

My daughter's in a peanut-free class, too. Pudding or Jello cups are always a good choice at my house. Wraps--lunchmeat or grilled chicken rolled in a tortilla and spread with veggie cream cheese--are also enjoyed. Grapes with chunks of cheddar and jack cheese...that's all I can think of right now. Personally, we eat TONS of peanut butter and nuts at this house, so peanut-free is going to be a bit of a challenge!

Little Green Umbrella said...

I haven't had to pack a school lunch in a few year but here are a few suggestions -Chewy granola bars cut into cubes, string cheese, carrot sticks, Nilla Wafers. My boys also liked me to pack baby dill pickles in their lunch boxes.