Monday, December 21, 2009

Something I've noticed..

This is something that I've noticed lately, and mabye because I'm thinking about it I notice it more, not sure! But, do you ever notice how sometimes you recieve a text, or email, or message on Facebook, and right away, you assume that person is feeling a certain way? Now, how would I know that? It's a freakin text, not someone talking directly to me!
For example, last week I texted my hubby to make sure he was up for work. His reply was, I'm up, going in awhile. Right away, I texted him back, What's wrong with you? Are you ok?! I guess because usually I either get a Love you included, I assumed he was in a bad mood or mad at me.
Same thing goes for hubby and my mom, he sent her a message joking around about getting my daughters hair cut too short. She assumed he was being an ass to her, because he hates short hair, and texts me basically, What the hell is his problem? Of course, I too, figured he was being over reactive of the haircut, but when I actually called him, ready to bitch him out, he told me he was absolutely kidding, and had meant it all as a joke.
I am always assuming how someone is feeling thru a message or text, but how the heck do I really know?! Unless I see a sad or happy face on it, I shouldn't assume I know how they are feeling, or how the message should be taken.
It's been driving me nuts, and I just had to get this out to make myself feel better!


pippirose said...

I sure know what you mean!
I've nearly stuck my foot in my mouth a few times because of it!
I've also been "misunderstood".
I now usually "sign" my emails and messages with a smiley face.

Kristy said...

I use the smiley face/sad faces too now! It's the only way that works, lol!

Renee said...

I have a sarcastic humor that doesn't go over very well in emails--people think I'm angry when I'm just joking all the time--I have become a frequent smiley face user myself because of this!!! :) See, not angry! lol

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

I know what you mean... unless you know the persons sense of humor, those emoticons come in really handy.
Although there are times when some people are just really easy to understand - there is some language and expressions that are NEVER misunderstood. :-)

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

I just added a smiley face at the end of my comment up there and didn't even realize it. Boy have I totally lost it!