Sunday, December 20, 2009

I finally got my Zhu Zhu Pets! Thanks!

If there was one thing my daughter REALLY wanted for Christmas, it was a Zhu Zhu pet! She had first found them while watching tv, and I thought they were cute, but never expected them to take off the way they did! So, as the weeks went by, I just kept telling myself I would pick one up closer to Christmas, and that mabye I would find a deal on Black Friday.
Well, man was I wrong! After seeing all the hype on blogs, I knew they were going to be this years Big ticket item, and I was going to have a hard time finding one. So, every week I would check our Target, Walmart and Toys R Us, with no luck whatsoever. Then, a few weeks ago my mother in law told me that a cousin had a few hamsters and different sets. She'd give me whatever I wanted for the regular price, thank god! I asked for a hamster, and the house. My mother in law paid her and told me to give them to my daughter from Santa : )
Then last week I stopped at Toys R Us for something else, and I found the Skateboard and Uturn Ramp, so I bought it and checked Ebay and Craigslist, hoping to make a few bucks. But the prices they were going for where crazy, so Ebay was out of the picture. I replied to a few ads on Craiglist, with no replies so I figured I'd keep it for daughter.
Well, Friday I got an email alert from that Zhu Zhu's were available online at! But, I wasn't home, no way to get to a computer, there goes my chance to get one for my son! Then around 2pm, I got 3 more alerts and jumped right on my computer, ordered it for $8 and $2 shipping, and now BOTH kids get a Zhu Zhu Pet! I'm so damn excited about this, my hubby thinks I'm nutty, lol!
And while we were looking thru the sale papers last night, Toys R Us has them on the front page, and my daughter said to me, "Oh, I really wish Santa could bring me one, I'd love to get this as my present" So, I know my little girl is going to be one happy camper come Christmas morning!

I would definetly recommend signing up at, if you are looking for a Zhu Zhu Pet, Accesories or any other hot item you're looking for! This was a lifesaver to me, and I didn't have to wait in any lines, or fight other mom's for a little fake hamster!

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That's great news!!