Saturday, December 5, 2009

My own better than Black Friday shopping trip!

Last week, I went out shopping for Black Friday, and believe me, I got some great deals! But this Friday, I went out shopping again, and I got some AWESOME deals!

First, I went to Bath and Body Works, I picked up 2 Victoria Secret Pink perfumes (my favorites!), at 2/$20, and a few Anti-Bacterial mini bottles. Originally, my total came to $24. I had a 20% coupon, AND a $10 gift card, so I paid around $10 for everything! I was excited, and even the salesgirl commented on what a great deal I got! Plus, I got a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase, which will be used to finish up my cousins for Xmas.

Then I went to Old Navy, because, thanks to Super Coupon Girl, I won a $50 off a $100 purchase coupon!! I figured I could pick up some shirts and lounge pants for my stepdaughter, along with a few shirts for the kids for Xmas. Well, everytime I threw something in my bag and tallied up, I still had more money to spend! I love that : ) I got everything I needed above, PLUS, an outfit for niece, 2 shirts for myself, a stuffed giraffe for my little sis, and an air freshner, all for $64! That was 6 adult shirts, 5 kids shirts, 2 pants for daughter and a pair for my stepdaughter! All for $64! Thank you SO much Super Coupon Girl, this really helped out with stretching my Xmas money a long, long way!

I ended up at Kohls, where I have $20 Kohls cash and $8 left on a gift card. After rummaging thru the kids dept, I found nothing good so I went over to shoes. Yea, my Addidas gym shoes are on sale for $39.99! Unfortunetly, they didn't have my size so I have to go to another one tomorrow, but it's ok, because I found a 15% off coupon I can use!

If only everytime I went shopping I could walk out with deals like this! And this is the reason I LOVE to shop, bargains are my best friend!

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shopannies said...

wow what a great deal good for you