Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kajeet Phone Review

As a mom to a preteen, I have heard this question many, many times..."Mom, can you get me a cell phone?" To which, my answer has always been, "When you're a little bit older." There was never a real need for him to have one, he wasn't in any activites and his friends all live within a few houses of ours.
Well, recently my answer changed, as I was introducted to the Kajeet cell phone! Kajeet is a cell phone specially made for kids! When I got the opportunity to review this phone, I knew both myself and my son would be very greatful.
When we recieved the phone, my son figured out all the programming modes, games, etc., within minutes. I on the other hand, had to check and recheck the instrution manual, lol! My son is 10, and is very tech savvy for his age, he just enjoys playing around with electronics, like his daddy!

Since he has Karate 1-2 nights a week, and is now on patrol at school, I thought this would be the perfect way to test out his phone. There are so many great things about Kajeet, from the TimeManager and ContactManager, allowing us parents to set limits on when the phone can and can't be used, to setting limints on who can and can't call or text my son. My favorite feature has got to be the GPS Phone Locator, we've used it more than a few times already, and it's great knowing that we can find it within minutes!

There are 3 different service plans for the Kajeet phone, from your basic plan at $9.99/month, the Great Deal $29.99/month and the Special $14.99/month. You decide what plan to start out with, and you can always change it as you find exactly how much the phone is used.
My son got a kick out of taking pic's with his phone, he took them of his friends while getting their numbers in his phone. I cannot say enough good things about Kajeet, mostly because it has really made my son become more responsible within a matter of weeks! He checks his balance, figures out who he'd like to call or text, and has a time limit for talking, it's amazing!

The only downside I found was that after your minutes run out, each addt'l minute runs 10 cents. If you purchase this phone, MAKE SURE you let your child know that! My son thought that it was 10 cents per call at first, so we could have ended up with a pretty hefty bill if he did not know how it worked corrrectly!
And of course, if you have a family plan with your own phone, it may be a bit cheaper in the long run, but I feel that giving my son his own phone created another opportunity for him to learn about so many great things!

If you would like more info on Kajeet, please head over to the website You can purchase Kajeet online, and also some stores thruout the US. They offer many different phones, from flip phones to Slider phones.
The Kajeet would make a great Christmas gift for your child, and I plan on having my son continue to use this phone until he decides he needs an IPhone, lol!

Thank you to Kajeet for allowing me to review this product. Kajeet has provided this phone free of charge for testing and review.All all opinions are my own and my sons.

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