Monday, January 17, 2011

Round 2 of Target 75% Toy Clearance!

Second time around, I did much better, got WAY more stuff and because I was only 1 of 2 people in the aisle, I had my choice of toys! However, I did get there right at 8am, and the guy had just started scanning the toys in so I didn't get everything I wanted because I didn't have the time to wait for him to get to the end of the 2nd aisle! All in all, thought, I was VERY happy with my purchases!

So this time, I found the Pop On Pals Amusement Park, marked down to $8! One of my favorite purchases, as my best friends daughter turns 1 next week and I'm excited to give it to her! I also found some of the Pop On Pals people for $3, last time I got the animals, so now we've got a good set to give to her : )

Other goodies I found-

Littlest Pet Shop Doll set- $5

Littlest Pet Shop Camping Set- $4

Hot Wheels Ultimate Repair Set - $5

Fancy Nancy Dress - $5

Ice Cream Scoops - $2.48

Webkinz Zumbuddy - $2.48

Club Penguin Figurines - $2.48

Black Dress Shoes (for daughter next year) $2.48!!!

I also had a few more odds and ends, some tiny stuffed horses that will go into daughters goodie bags for Bday party, some Bakugen cards and figurines I will use for sons Bday prizes, and 2 Glitter bouncy balls for Easter baskets!
I keep everything in my closet and usually use them for Bday presents for the kids friends, and at the end of the year what we haven't used, I donate to the schools Holiday Sharing program! I think wherever the toys go, they'll be enjoyed!!
Anymore goodies for you guys?


Rebecca said...

I just went to Target and got a Circo Guitar for $2.50 (originally 10) a Polly Pockets zipline picnic for $10 (originally almost $40), Something from the movie cars for $4.00 (0riginally $20), Thomas train and tender originally $20 and got it for $5..........and a pop on pal dog for ...??? $2...forget the original price.....and a littlest pet shop set of 6?? animals.....for $5. Originally $20......I bought for a couple of birthdays and a couple of good work on your report card toys.

Kristy said...

I love finding the little toys to give out as rewards, my daughter enjoys them more than candy, lol!
I found a couple of Littlest Pet Shop singles for $1.24 today, they are perfect for goodie bags or just a surprise!

Pam said...

Incredible finds. I really wish I could have been in on that littlest pet shop deal. My babies LOVE them.