Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh how I love shopping for my little girl!

This year will be a year of weddings, I'm SO excited! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the actual weddings, or picking out dresses for my daughter to wear! Unfortunetly, she's not a Flower girl, we were hoping that because they are all family weddings, that at least one of them would have asked her, but I see it as it's there LOSS! She's sooo adorable, and seeing her dressed up in a Flower girl dress would of been awesome!
But, we can still put her in a pretty dress and she'll dance the night away looking like a little princess! Today I went to a few stores, not intentionally looking for dresses but since Communion dresses are starting to come out, I got to check out some pretty cute fancy schmancy ones!
What a surprise when I was looking at Burlington Coat Factory and found some gorgeous dresses that I was afraid to check the price tag.. until I saw that the dresses were only $30-$35! I mean, these dresses were BEAUTIFUL!! My Mom said we are most definetly getting her a sparkly poofy dress, because my little girl LOVES dressing like a pretty princess!

Tomorrow I'm going to check out JCPennys and Carsons, mabye they'll have a good sale going on! I'm sure I'll find a ton more once Easter gets closer!

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