Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Dieting Hubby and PMS craving are NOT good together!!

Hubs has just started dieting, I'm his biggest supporter on this, well, except when I'm PMSing....

Hubby's biggest problems were drinking too much pop, and eating too much Ice cream. I used to joke that he was worse than a pregnant woman, he'd call me while I was out and ask me to pick up a pint of Ben and Jerrys because he had such a taste for it. Of course, I'd buy it for him because I love him, but never really realized JUST how much he was eating! Then theres the pop, and you know, I'm pretty guilty of this one myself! I basically drink pop all day long, and it has to be the worse kind, Mountain Dew!! My teeth are NOT thanking me, sadly : (
So now, he's just started his diet, and all I want it to eat, of course, eat Ice cream! Oberweiss Peanut butter and Chocolate to be exact! Another one of his fav's! So there I am, creeping around trying to hide the ice cream, but you know, I don't have great hiding places, I never won Hide and Seek as a kid, lol! And then, I buy a 2 pack of the Reeses Peanut Butter Hearts, thinking I'd give one to him, and one for myself. Not a good idea!! The only time I really want ice cream is that wonderful time of month, I just wish it wasn't right now when he's just starting and still craving the 'bad" foods : (
I guess it's gonna take some getting used to, trying to eat healthy, saying NO to the Oberweiss and Reeses, but I know it's for the best! Not just for Hubby and I, but for our kids too!
So if theres anyone that has some good dieting tips, recipes, or some good yummy snacks that will fill us up, please feel free to comment!

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Renee said...

Have you tried the Weight Watchers portioned frozen desserts? They are actually very good, just don't eat the whole box at one time! lol
There's a coupon and list of products here:
Good luck!