Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NightTime Cold Meds and my kids don't mix!

The kids are sick, and my daughter is so stuffed up she's just miserable! For some reason, she doesn't blow her nose, she wipes it and snorts it back up : (
I bought some Night time Dimetapp for her so she'd be able to sleep better, but instead of making her sleepy, she was even more awake! This happened with my son too, when his allergies were acting up so I went and got Benydryl, and he was up all night instead of sleeping!
So for now, I'll break out the Humidifier, and keep pushing for her to blow that nose instead of snorting it back up! And pray for a decent nights sleep for all of us : )

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Renee said...

It was a wonderful day when my daughter FINALLY learned to blow her nose--lol! Saline solution squirted in the nose throughout the day also helps break up mucus without having the side effects of a "medicine." Hope everyone is feeling better soon.