Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ups and Downs of "Camping"

We have a camper that we keep at an awesome little "campground", about 40 minutes from our house. It's great because when we feel like getting away, all we have to do is pack a small bag and go! Its just far enough to feel like we are actually getting away, but not too far that we have to spend a ton in gas and drive for hours. I know the kids enjoy it, the Hubby loves it, and even I look forward to going!
I guess I can't really call it camping, we stay in an RV that has great A/C, we have our own bedroom, a bathroom with a shower and running water, and we've got our satellite set up along with our wireless modem so I can get online, lol! Roughing it, definetly NOT! It's habit for us to say were going camping for the weekend when we come up, but when our friends/family actually come to check it out, the first thing out of their mouths is "This is definetly NOT real camping!" To which I say, "Hey, if Hubby wants me to do stuff like this, I have my demands", lol!

I love that our kids have friends up here and they play from sun up to sun down, everyday, and my son can walk 20 feet away and throw his fishing line in and catch a fish within 5 minutes. I love that we can go to the beach, swim a little, and then come back to Hubby cooking some good dinner for us. I love how relaxed we are up here, it's like as soon as we drive in, all stress just dissapears, melts away, gone! Most of all, I love the time the 4 of us get together, we're stuck in a little trailer, we can't each be in a separate room all doing different things. I see my 12 year old son helping my 8 year old daughter, teaching her how to fish, playing tag with her friends, because he's the oldest so he "teaches" them all kinds of games to play. Today, she fell off of her bike, totally wiped out, and he helped her back, then went back for her bike, and checked 3 different times to make sure she was ok. Thats what I love about this place, the kids can be kids, our family can be a family, and we just enjoy each others company!
What I DON'T love, is the BUGS! Mosquitoes, spiders, ants, you name it, they're flying around, crawling around, taunting me! It's like they know I"m here, and they ALL come out to play! But, I guess I'm learning to live with it, even if I probably will spend a ton on all types of bug spray and crap to keep them all away from me!

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