Sunday, June 5, 2011

Camping season has begun for this family!!!

This weekend was our first weekend up at the camp, and although it wasn't a full weekend for us, it was full of fun and surprises to say the least! We started going up to this "campground" last year, well, actually about 8 years ago, but it didn't last too long back then. Now, the kids are a bit older and they can enjoy everything there, and Mom and Dad can enjoy some alone time while they play with their friends nearby!
I'm really surprised at how much I enjoy going up there, I've always liked camping, but I am more of a "Get on a plane and go somewhere near the ocean" vacation type of girl! However, since there is NO way we could afford to take vacations like that, this was the next best thing. So, we have a sweet little travel trailer that we fixed up and it's got a great A/C unit, so I can't complain much. Our spot is in the back, right near one of the lakes and we just met 2 new families with kids that our the same ages as ours. I have a feeling we'll be buying lots of popsicles, juice boxes and goodies to be handing out this summer, but I love that!
Now, I knew that they were calling for storms Saturday afternoon, but at 1pm, it was sunny, hot and gorgeous. So, I told the kids as soon as I got back from the store we'd head up to the beach. Well, hit the 1st store and as I was walking around, I heard the thunder, then the downpour : (  I walked out 10 minutes later and proceeded to get stuck in a hailstorm, aaahhhh! It only lasted about 30 minutes but man was it hard to drive in! We finally got to go the beach for an hour and that made the kids happy! Today was super hot and we had to leave early to get to a Wedding shower, but I didn't want to leave! That is REALLY crazy for me to say, lol!
I don't know, mabye it's just seeing the kids soooo happy being outside and getting to just be kids, mabye it's seeing Hubby having fun fishing with the kids, mabye it's just getting out of the house and being just the 4 of us, but I am definetly looking forward to this Summer camping season!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm sorry it rained on you, but glad the kids had fun. Bummer it had to be cut short :(. Sounds like you'll have a great summer :)

Thanks for playing along in my flip flop swap!