Friday, February 11, 2011

70 Cake Pops? I must be crazy!!!

"No problem, I can make Cake Pops for all 3 classes, it should be fine!" Thats what I wrote to the Classroom party Mom yesterday when the email came out for the Valentines Day party..I had been planning on doing cupcakes, no big deal, we always make cupcakes! But then I had been reading about Cake Pops and just in the past few days had seen so many that I decided I wanted to give it a try.... I hope that wasn't a BIG mistake!
So this weekend is Cake Pop weekend! If any of you have any tips or ideas, please leave me some comments! This is the first time for making them so I'm all ears!!!

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Cher said...

I have been meaning to try this too! Did you end up making them?