Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great Halloween finds at Walmart!

I forgot to post this earlier, but I stopped at Walmart today for some things and decided to see if they had any Halloween stuff left. Well, they had a TON! It was more party favors, window clings, etc., but at 90% off, I figured I could get enough stuff to use for goody bags for bday parties AND use the leftovers for Halloween next year!
So, I scored-
2- 20 pack Porcupine balls $.25/each

2- 20 pack Vampire Teeth $.25/each

2- 10 pack Activity pads $.50/ each

3- Window clings $. 20/each

Pumpkin Carving Kit (Stencil book and 5 carving accesories) $1.00

And the best items I got were the 2 costumes I picked up!

Hippie Chick for daughter- $1.40!

Zombie man for son $2.00!

I was so happy finding this stuff! I should know to ALWAYS go to Walmart, they seem to have to best selection of 75%-90% Clearance items for all holidays!
And, if the kids decide they don't want to be what I got them here, I will donate the costumes to their school for the families that cannot afford costumes! Good deal for all : )


Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love going there after Holidays I always stock up. especially after Christmas.

Kristy said...

They really DO have a great clearance! I always head to Target first, just because it's closer, but I find more goodies at Walmart!