Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012...

Happy New Years! It amazes me how fast the year went by, although, it seems the past few years have just flown by. Mabye it's because I have kids, everything just seems to go way faster than in the past. Last night, my daughter and I were talking about New Years in the past, I always used to throw an awesome "kids" party for my sisters and cousins. I would have a theme every year, Fashion show, Talent show, Karoakee night, and then the best part was the prizes! Of course, being a total clearance aisle shopper, I'd go to all the stores a few days after Xmas and pick out the CHEESIEST prizes I could. Watching them open their "prizes" for being Best Model, Best Talent, etc, was just too much fun. I think we did our parties for 6 years, and then, the girls got older, started going out with their friends for NYE, and now, it's just me and the fam, and no matter how much I try to make it fun, it's just not the same! Not saying that blowing off our Party poppers and chugging our Sparking grape juice with my babies isn't fun, I just wish I could make it as fun as it used to be, for them!

And then, I also realized that MY baby, my son, is just growing up way too fast for me. At midnight he got a text, from his friend, a girl, but as he told us MANY times, she's NOT his girlfriend! : )  I sat here thinking how in a few years, he's probably not going to want to be with Mom and Dad on New years, he'll want to be with his friends, and that makes me sad... I want him to stay a kid forever, drinking that Sparkling grape juice, popping those poppers and hiding his phone from us because he doesn't want us to see who he's texting. I want to spend New Years with the 4 of us scrunched on our bed, watching movies, fighting over pillows because I hog them all, and laughing that our huge dog will always find a way to get on that bed with us even if his spot will have him half off the bed. I want my kids to remember these moments as I do, the moments I wouldn't trade for anything.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Day, not too hungover, and many great days in 2012!

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Addora Live said...

Just like you, the moment I realize that another year is approaching I came to notice how fast my son is growing. I miss him a cute adorable baby. Happy New Year to you and your family.