Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wish I could Tivo my life...

So much has gone on the past few years, that I now look at myself and wonder where the old Me went. I used to love to pick up my little sisters and go shopping, we could spend hours at the mall, no money, just walking around having fun. Now, I look forward to going to Target, alone. I used to visit my parents and Grandparents almost every weekend, now I'm lucky to get out there once a month. I used to be an independant person, now I feel like I depend on everyone around me just to make it thru the day. And I used to be the type of person that was sure of herself, now I question every move I make, partly because I'm always making the wrong move.
I wish life was like Tivo, so I could Rewind and change alot of things, but mostly so I could go back and remember all the good times. I'd love to Fast forward thru this part of my life, because to me, it's definetly not worth watching. And I wish I could pause on the days when Hubby and I could sit and laugh about the silliest things, that to everyone else meant nothing, but to us, it was hysterical. I guess I just miss what used to be, what I used to have, and wish I could still have it.

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Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

It would be really interesting if that were possible. Personally, I'm fairly happy with my life right now, and who I am at almost 40 years old. But I think I might appreciate it more if I could SEE where I've been. Maybe a montage of who I was at 5 year intervals. And I could laugh at my hair.