Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some great deals at Walmart!

If you are in need of bed sheets, glasses, basically anything for the kitchen or bedroom, I'd recommend checking out your local Walmart! We were in desperate need of bedsheets for the kids beds, and I got such a great deal! Sheet sets are marked down to $3 each! They are the Jersey sheets, so they are nice and soft, the kids LOVE them. I picked up a Comforter for $9, a couple of blankets marked down to $1 each, and a mirror for $2! These were all considered part of the "Dorm Room" section, but hey, everything matched the kids rooms and I couldn't pass up those prices!
Then I found 2 pack Tumblers for 10 cents, little gadgets like a Can opener, spatula, and ladle for 25 cents, and some bowls and pitchers for 50 cents! I So Love when I hit the clearance aisles like this!

I walked out of the store with over $100 worth of stuff, and paid less than $20 for all of it! My favorite part was when the cashier told me how well i shopped, lol!

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Terra H. said...

We have a Wal-Mart in my town but I rarely shop there. I'm thinking I may have to stop in and see if they have as great of bargains as what you got. Those are some rockin' deals.