Friday, July 16, 2010

I've been gone for too long!

I just wanted to write an update, and apologize to everyone for not getting up to speed as I wanted to! The past few weeks have been just plain crazy, and every time I finally think we're back to normal, BAM!, something else happens and sets me back!
Right now my Mom is in the hospital, last Sunday she had an asthma attack and it got so bad my Dad called an ambulance for her. Turns out she has Pneumonia, and as of today she is still in the hospital. Only, it's now not due to the Pneumonia, it's because the meds they are giving her have been spiking her heart rate up very high, and now the Dr.s have decided to keep her in the Cardiac unit for a few days. After hearing that, I am just flat out scared! : ( My mom is not only my Ma, she's pretty much everything to me, my best friend, and I just want her better, and home!! I wish I could take her place in there, because she hates hospitals and I strange as it sounds, don't mind having to stay in the hospital. Having people tend to me and bring me food, well, sounds good to me! All kidding aside, if you read this and you pray, could you please say a little one for my Mom?
Soooo, as much as I'd like to just try and relax a bit this weekend, I don't see it happening! I'm hoping sometime next week I will have my latest reviews up and will be able to get a few of my new giveaways up!!

Thanks and hope you all have a great weekend!!


Mom's Place said...

Totally know what it's like to have things oober crazy! Been like that for me too. Prayers coming for your mom.

Renee said...

Prayers for your mom...and your family!