Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loving the Valentines Clearance- Double duty for the goodies!

Of course, by now, you probably know I LOVE the Clearance section of a store, and I really love the Holiday clearances! But, the Valentines clearance is especially fun for me because I go on a hunt, a hunt to find treats and trinkets for my kids Birthday party goody bags! I used to be all about the little junk, and I'd pack in as much as I possibly could into the bags. That was until my son started bringing home bags like that from the parties HE would go to. Of all the junk, we would probably keep 1 or 2 things, and I would junk the rest when he wasn't looking!
So, a few years ago I was hunting thru the Target valentine clearance and I found some 18 packs of sports pencils and erasers, some tattoos, and little boxes of crayons. I put them together with an activity book and WaaLaaa, a goody bag worth keeping! And it didn't cost me 1/2 as much as what I had put together before!
This year, my daughter is in between a Princess party and a Gymnastics party, but I'm pretty sure she'll end up with the Princess party. I picked up Heart shaped bubble necklaces for $.25 each, Lips and Heart pencils for $.08 each, Heart bracelet 16pk for $1, and a 20 pack of mini playdoh for $2! Now I know none of that is exactly "Princess", but 6-7 year old girls?! I don't think they'll mind! If only I could find the Disney activity pads Walgreens had, her bags would be done!
And for my son, he's turning 11, so we have to be a bit more "cool", so we're still working on his! I've got the pencils and tattoos again, and I'm thinking of getting some water bottles from the $1 store to throw all of the goodies inside!
I wish I could become a Kids Party Planner, I would have SO MUCH FUN!


Renee said...

Last year we stocked up on reusable heart-shaped serving plates, treat bags with hearts on them, red streamer, red balloons, etc. at 50-70 percent off after Valentine's Day and had an I Love Clifford The Big Red Dog party for my daughter in June. Gotta love double duty clearance items!

newmami_rgv said...

OH yeah! I love targets clerance... we bought chocolate! Of course stocked up on solid colored plates, napkins and other small toys for the birthday party baggies... not sure of the theme this year. But Loved the great deals we got!