Friday, October 30, 2009

Karito Kids "Florence Fiasco" Book review

When asked to review the book Florence Fiasco from Karito Kids, I jumped at it! Not only does my daughter LOVE to read, she is 1/4 Italian and I enjoy teaching her as much as I can about her heritage!

My daughter is 6, and she loves to be read to, so this was the perfect book to snuggle up together before bed and read a few chapters every night. We usually pick out a few books, she reads a bit then I read a bit. This book is a chapter book, a bit hard for her to read on her own, but I read to her and when I found words she knew or could sound out, she went for it!

We really enjoyed Florence Fiasco, learning about Gia, who wants to become a fashion designer, but works at her family's Inn in Italy. Each chapter was exciting and brought a ton of questions from my daughter. I think she got so much information, and because it was told thru a childs eyes it made it so much more interesting for her!
My husband is Italian and he can always get the answers to our kids questions about what their heritage is, but reading about it stuck with my daughter. We finished the book a few days ago and she is still asking questions about being Italian, and wanting to read more about Gia! So I hope Karito Kids comes out with more books for my daughter to read as she gets older : )

Karito Kids also has other Heritage books, including-

Mexico Mystery
Shanghai Secret
Sydney Scandal
The Manhattan Menace

I like that each book gives so much information and also holds the childs attention. When my daughter actually wants to get ready for bed, it must be a good book!

To find out more about Karito Kids and their products, please head over to their website.
These books, along with their other items would make a great stocking stuffer or a gift itself!

Thank you to Karito Kids for the opportunity to review Florence Fiasco, we enjoyed the book very much and look forward to reading more in the future!

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